Why should you choose an apprenticeship?

Why should you choose an apprenticeship?

Here at Premier Jobs UK, 5 of our team have utilised an apprenticeship to aid their learning. Therefore, we have first-hand experience of apprenticeships and the success which they offer. We are going to cover the benefits we found when going through the apprenticeship route.

So, what are the benefits of an apprenticeship?

  • Earn while you learn – You will gain a nationally recognised qualification, whilst getting paid! Although, it is not about the money, it is a certainly a bonus to know you are earning whilst you learn the ropes in your chosen field.
  • Wide range of apprenticeships to choose from – There are countless apprenticeships out there, making it easier for you to find the right one for you.
  • There is often a full-time job at the end of your apprenticeship which can set you up for a successful career. You will have built up a good level of knowledge and understanding over the duration of your apprenticeship setting you up well for a successful career.

Where should you go to find the right apprenticeship for you?

  • https://www.gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship
  • The Government website allows you to tailor your search to find the perfect one for you. You can select which level of apprenticeship you wish to go in at. For instance, intermediate, advanced, higher, foundation degree, degree, master’s degree as well as tailoring it to your location and chosen sector.

Key facts about apprenticeships; from the Gov.uk website (updated on 21st February 2017)

  • Apprenticeship participation now stands at a record level – there were 491,300 apprenticeship starts in the 2016 to 2017 academic year of which 121,250 (24.6%) were for individuals under 19 years old.
  • There are, on average, 23,000 apprenticeship opportunities listed on ‘find an apprenticeship’ every month. This number is likely to have risen which reinforces the earlier benefit of there being so many apprenticeships to chose from.
  • Currently, over 90% of apprentices continue in work or further training after completing their apprenticeship. Proving there is a successful outcome for the vast majority of apprenticeships.

Here are a few quotes from our head office team who all chose the apprenticeship route;

  • Ryan Venner (Sales & Marketing Director). “My favourite aspect of my apprenticeship was learning on the job. This enabled me to absorb far greater depth of knowledge and skills than a classroom could ever teach me! All whilst earning money rather than building up debt!”
  • Charlie Brock (Recruitment Resourcer). “I really enjoyed doing an apprenticeship, as it allows you to gain experience day-in-day-out whilst on the job. I never got on too well with exams and ‘book learning’ so being able to learn practically with a hands-on approach was brilliant for me. I had a really helpful assessor who guided me through the process and having a manager who had completed a similar qualification was great as he was able to pass on valuable insights and tips.”
  • Lauren Wells (Recruitment Administrator). “I would recommend an apprenticeship as I find it so much easier learning as I work, instead of learning from a textbook. It’s a lot easier to remember the specification when you practise what you learn every day. My favourite part of being an apprentice is that you have people there to help whenever you need it – from not only your apprenticeship provider but your team as well.”
  • Erin Saxby (Recruitment Administrator) “The reasons why I chose to do an apprenticeship is that I think it was more of a holistic way of doing things and a great alternative to University. By this I mean it gives you more of a rounded experience as it includes the theoretical learning about the industry, practical on the job learning plus also teaching valuable life skills. Personally, I seriously considered University and even had a place at Birmingham, but ultimately decided it wasn’t for me – which I am very glad I did!”