Whole of Market Financial Planning Recruiters

Whole of Market Financial Planning Recruiters

A deep understanding of financial planning and mortgage advice is an important requirement when providing financial services recruitment support.

How you operate

In order for you to provide financial advice to your clients, it is important:

  1. An in-depth factfind is carried out to fully understand your clients’ current situation and future aspirations (short, medium and long term)
  2. An assessment of the clients’ attitude and behaviours is understood to ensure correct alignment
  3. Full research is conducted to identify and assess the most appropriate options available that match the clients’ needs and wants
  4. Discussion is held to communicate the findings and agree next steps
  5. Your client receives comprehensive details of why the recommended solution is the right choice for their circumstances
  6. Client is kept fully up-to-date during the process, through to the successful outcome being achieved

Now I hope you will agree, this is a similar breakdown to how you operate as Financial Advisors and Mortgage Advisors…

How we operate

Therefore, as specialist financial planning recruiters, we feel the service you receive from Recruitment Consultants should be no different! Read the points again… is that the service you would like from a Recruiter?

In addition to the journey you experience, we feel the recruitment service should also match the financial services industry by ensuring our offering is whole of market. Through our longstanding relationships with financial services businesses across the UK, we have developed 400 clients that offer a wide spectrum of job opportunities in financial planning and mortgage advice.

As such, when dealing with Premier Jobs UK, you will not be ‘shoe-horned’ into an opportunity, but instead, you will be offered solutions that fit your situation and career aspirations.

Continued knowledge growth

Here at Premier Jobs UK, we have a combined background of nearly 300 years of financial services and recruitment knowledge. As such, we are well placed to fully understand our candidates and clients. In addition, as the industry continues to present new challenges from the FCA, we will strive to keep our knowledge current so that we can provide the most appropriate career advice.

If there is something changing in your marketplace and you feel we ought to know, we are ready to listen!

Whole of Market Financial Planning Recruiters

So, when you consider your next move, check if you are dealing with a Whole of Market Recruiter!

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