WhatsApp Scams: What should you watch out for?

WhatsApp Scams: What should you watch out for?
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Premier Jobs UK has recently received a number of reports that scammers are using our brand to try and trick candidates with WhatsApp scams. Fraudsters posing as employees of Premier Jobs UK have been offering job opportunities though WhatsApp messages. Unfortunately, scams are common, therefore it is important to know what to do when you encounter them and how to keep yourself safe online!

How do scammers get your information?

Scammers often buy your information from third parties. Their aim is to gain access to your personal information or to trick you into giving them money.

How do you identify a fraudulent message?

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  1. Unsolicited messages or messages from an unknown number. If an unknown number or business contacts you without solicitation, it can be wise to be wary until you are sure it is a genuine message. Some scammers will even use clever software to change the way their real number appears on your phone, making them appear more authentic. Find out more about the tools scammers use in this article from the Metropolitan Police.
  2. Spelling or grammar mistakes. If a message is poorly written or has lots of spelling mistakes it can indicate a scam message.
  3. Asking for highly personal information. Scammers may ask for your bank details or even ask for seemingly harmless information, such as your date of birth or middle name.
  4. Suspicious links. Be wary if someone sends you an unusual or suspicious link.
  5. Unbelievable offers like an unrealistic salary or work arrangements. Scammers are trying to entice you. If someone messages you and makes an extremely appealing offer, be suspicious!
  6. Asking you to forward the message or pay for services. Remember – Premier Jobs UK will never ask for payment in exchange for a job offer!

For more information about spotting scams on WhatsApp, read their advice here. For examples of what scammers may say when contacting you about an employment offer, take a look at this article from Which?   

What to do and how to protect yourself

  1. Do not click on, share, or forward any suspicious messages or links. Ignore any links that seem suspicious. Clicking on unknown links could leave you vulnerable to viruses or spying software that could steal your information and damage your device.
  2. Do not share personal information. If someone asks you for personal information like your bank details or date of birth, you should be cautious! They may be trying to access your accounts by obtaining information you have used for security questions.
  3. Verify the source – call the company or send an email. Never be afraid to contact the company directly to verify any messages or offers you have received. Call or email us here at Premier Jobs UK if you have concerns – we are happy to help!
  4. Block the sender. WhatsApp has the option to block users and stop them being able to contact you. If you think someone is a scammer, use this feature to prevent them from sending further fraudulent messages.
  5. Report the scammer to WhatsApp. WhatsApp will investigate and remove any potential scammers to stop them targeting people on their platform. Report any fraudsters you come across to help stop WhatsApp scams! Find out more about blocking and reporting on WhatsApp here.

Scamming is illegal and if you want to report a scammer to the police, contact Action Fraud. This service is run by the City of London Police alongside the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, and they will investigate any reports of fraud they receive. They also offer help and support to people who have been affected by scams.


If an opportunity seems too good to be true, it probably is! Trust your instincts and if something seems suspicious, exercise caution. We are grateful to all those who have contacted us and made us aware of these scammers. If you would like to contact Premier Jobs UK to verify or report a message you have received:

Phone: 0208 0044 154

Email: [email protected]

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