What Mortgage Advisor opportunities could you take advantage of?

What Mortgage Advisor opportunities could you take advantage of?


What mortgage advisor opportunities could you be taking advantage of?

Due to rising inflation, interest rates are at an all-time high. As a result, the mortgage market has seen a dip in the number of first-time buyers seeking mortgage advice, reducing the demand. But this doesn’t mean the mortgage advice market is stagnant! Mortgage rates might be unprecedently high, but the mortgage market is still full of potential opportunity for the savvy Mortgage Advisor. So, what mortgage advisor opportunities are there to take advantage of?

Re-Mortgaging Opportunities

Data from the Bank of England shows that most mortgages are fixed-interest rate mortgages that require re-mortgaging once the term ends. According to the ONS, in just the first quarter of 2023, 353,000 fixed rate mortgages approached renewal. The mortgages due to mature in 2024 will be two-year and five-year fixed rate deals made when interest rates were low, therefore borrowers will likely be looking to find the best deal they can.

Re-mortgaging is a great opportunity for Mortgage Advisors. Mortgage Advisors provide borrowers with invaluable advice and can offer a holistic view of their financial circumstances, ensuring the deal suits the borrower in every way.

Why should borrowers look to use a Mortgage Advisor when re-mortgaging? As a Mortgage Advisor, you provide clients with invaluable expert advice. You are able to recommend borrowers products from a variety of lenders, helping them to better understand what options are available to them.

Mortgage Advisors looking to take advantage of this opportunity should strive to be proactive in chasing and attracting leads. Looking for advice on generating leads as a Mortgage Advisor? Check out this blog on the Premier Jobs UK website for advice and helpful tips!

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Protection Insurance

In a post-pandemic world, people are more wary of long-term illness or unexpected changes to employment. Alongside helping clients find the right mortgage deal, you could consider advising borrowers on the benefit of taking out Protection Insurance.  

Why should your clients consider Income Protection Insurance?

Income Protection Insurance is a type of insurance that offers coverage to the policy holder in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Often, a person’s mortgage is their biggest expense, therefore taking out Protection Insurance can be a wise decision to ensure they are always able to keep up with payments. There are three main types of Protection Insurance.

Income Insurance – This type of insurance covers the policy holder in the event of redundancy or loss of employment.

Critical Illness Insurance – This kind of insurance usually offers the policy holder a fixed amount of money in the event of a serious illness. Each provider defines serious illness differently. The pay-out of this type of insurance will likely be sent by the provider once the policy holder provides confirmation of diagnoses, such as a doctor’s note.

Life Insurance – There is two kinds of life insurance, fixed level and decreasing term. Fixed term life insurance is a fixed amount of money for a fixed amount of time. Decreasing term life insurance is where the level of cover decreases over time. This type of insurance is designed for mortgage repayments where the outstanding loan decreases over time.

To learn more about Income Protection Insurance and why it is beneficial, take a look at this article that goes into more detail!

Income Protection Insurance for the Broker.

Insurance can offer clients enormous peace of mind, and advising clients on the best option for them can be extremely rewarding for a Mortgage Advisor. Advising borrowers on their options is a great opportunity for Mortgage Advisors to help their clients feel more secure in a time of uncertainty.

By advising borrowers on the insurance options available to them, it can be a great way for the Advisor to earn extra commission. Should the client choose to take Protection Insurance from a recommended Provider, the Advisor will receive a commission from the Provider – usually called a Procuration Fee. This is a great way for Advisors to top up their income whilst also helping their clients. It can also help to keep an open dialogue between Advisors and their clients. There is the possibility the client will require further advice, such as reviewing rates or discussing other points of the cover. Maintaining a relationship with clients long-term is an excellent opportunity for brokers as it can lead to further business in future, and even open the potential for referrals.


Experts predict that the mortgage market will eventually stabilise when inflation rates return to lower levels, but when exactly this will occur is unknown. Although the mortgage market is currently uncertain, Mortgage Advisor opportunities are plentiful for the savvy and proactive! To succeed in these unprecedented times, it is wise to be seeking ways to diversify your practice and maximising your earning potential.

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