Top Six Signs That Your Present Financial Services Career Isn’t Right For You

Top Six Signs That Your Present Financial Services Career Isn’t Right For You
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As a child, you must have answered the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” a lot. Many people grow up without really knowing what career path they want to take. Finding a fulfilling career is a long journey and you don’t need to beat yourself up if you are not sure about what you want yet. An average person will have 12 jobs in their lifetime in a bid to find the right match. For many others, it may require changing careers.

If you are considering a new career path, you are not alone. Making the big move can be difficult because it may mean leaving a stable job to unchartered waters. In some other cases, a switch like this could mean taking a few steps back. However, it should not always feel this way. If you are still considering making the move, these signs can help convince you that your career isn’t right for you.

You may begin to feel disconnected from your job. Mentally, you are no longer there. You underperform, your deadlines are never met and you find it difficult to gather energy to pretend to care about work. While a lack of energy can be a problem even when you are passionate about your job, if it becomes a norm, then it is time to reevaluate your role.

Your job duties do not change and everyday looks identical. At this point, you feel undervalued as though you were performing on autopilot. You feel like your skills and talents are being wasted and you’re not developing. As time passes, you stop seeking out new opportunities that can allow you to contribute ideas. Jobtraininghub recommends that you find a new career path that allows your strengths to shine through while providing opportunities for you to develop skills and add meaningful contributions. At all times, your career should not diminish your self-esteem and worth but build it.

Everyone hates Mondays, but hating all workdays is problematic. It is normal to have some days where you need an extra boost to get ready for work. Maybe the recent projects don’t excite you or you’re worried about the outcome of a meeting. For you, it may be a daily experience. Weekends are always fun for you but Monday blues takes all the joy away. If you feel this way about work, then you need to take a step back and think of other work areas that align better with what you’re passionate about.

You may receive a good salary, but the work is still dreadful and mindless. In the past, you probably thought the pay could make it manageable, but now, it isn’t good enough to make you happy. You always drift away during meetings, staring at the clock. On weekdays, you find yourself planning towards the weekend or your next vacation to help you get through the week. Even though you appreciate the stability your job gives you, you now feel like you are wasting your skills. This is a clear sign that a career change is needed.

Your work should challenge you and not make life a living nightmare for you. If you are always exhausted, having headaches or other physical symptoms, it may be a way to confirm that your career isn’t right for you. The stress from the job can impact your relationships and not just your life. You may begin to look like a shadow of yourself. 

You may begin to spend your time dreaming about what you would do in your next life. Browsing job boards and other sites like bootcamprankings to get ideas instead of checking work emails becomes the order of the day. You may also start to envy other people in the career you want. If you feel this way, it is time to leave.

It is frustrating to be in a career that doesn’t let you grow. It may look like a waste of time to take a step back to think of what you want to do. But it really isn’t. Not everyone finds a career they love on the first try. Along the way, they discover what they want and switch. It may not always require starting all over; some skills will apply to the new career as well. So if you have experienced the feelings above, it is time to go.

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