The benefits of a career as a Mortgage Advisor

The benefits of a career as a Mortgage Advisor
The Benefits of a career in Mortgage Advice

Mortgage Advice is an excellent career option and is highly sought out due to all the great opportunities and benefits. Mortgage advice is consistently a stable career path with healthy earning potential and progression opportunities. Here is why you should consider a career as a Mortgage Advisor: 

Emotional Fulfilment

A study by You gov found that 76% of young Brits aspire to own a home one day. Home ownership is perhaps the biggest financial decision that many of us will make in our lifetimes. House purchases are seen by many as a huge achievement. To be a part of making these dreams a reality for a household, can be incredibly fulfilling. 

Mortgage Advisor Earning Potential

As a Mortgage Advisor your income will depend on a number of factors, one of them being whether you are self-employed or employed. Self-employed advisors will not earn a salary but will typically earn from their commissions. This may sound daunting, but in self employed roles the commission splits are often very generous and there is no limit to what you will earn. For employed Mortgage Advisors, the salary is often healthy with bonuses on top of this making it very attractive as a proposition. However it should be noted that the splits for employed Advisors will be not as high in comparison to a self-employed position. Here at Premier Jobs UK, we have found that the average Mortgage Advisor salary is typically £25,000 – £35,000 (excluding commission and OTE).

Job Stability as a Mortgage Advisor

There are definitely peaks and troughs when it comes to the mortgage industry, depending on economic events and circumstances. As an Advisor, you will definitely see these throughout your career. However, people always need houses and as long as this rings true there will also be a need for Mortgage Advisors.  

the benefits of a career as a Mortgage Advisor. Family applying for a mortgage for their new home.
Helping a family purchase their dream home

Flexibility as a Mortgage Advisor

Many Mortgage Advisors work on a self-employed basis, which can offer greater flexibility. As a self-employed Advisor, office commutes will be a thing of the past. Giving you more time and freedom for your personal life. Whilst self-employed advisors still sometimes take face to face appointments, virtual appointments are becoming increasingly common. This means that you will have the ability to work from your desired space. Check out our article ‘Employed or self employed – things to consider’ to learn more about the considerations you should take before making the self-employed jump. 

Professional Development as a Mortgage Advisor

A career as a Mortgage Advisor is a pathway that can offer a lot of progression and opportunity to develop knowledge. Mortgage Advisors can often end up specialising in specific market areas (like new builds). There are also Senior Mortgage Advisor positions that experienced and knowledgeable Advisors can eventually progress to. Here at Premier Jobs UK, we also often see Mortgage Advisors embarking onto financial advice or equity release later on in their careers. 

Mortgage advice is a great career option. It offers a lot of reward and can be extremely fulfilling as well as having a wide range of opportunities. There are different mortgage advice routes you can go down throughout your career, which can bring flexibility and variety to your career. 

If you’re interested in a Mortgage Advisor role, get in touch today. We have a plethora of different mortgage advice opportunities from employed to self-employed, and from trainee to senior.