How we helped Des reignite his passion for Financial Services

How we helped Des reignite his passion for Financial Services

Made the right move – this case study highlights how Premier Jobs UK helped Des find the right job for him in a part of Financial Services he had not considered

The challenge

After 30 years in Financial Services, I was disillusioned with being a Financial Advisor and had taken up a number of contract positions instead to utilise my experience.  After 3 years of doing this, most of the new contracts that became available were in London, which wasn’t suitable for my personal needs.  I kept asking myself ‘what else could I do?’

I was at a point in life when I didn’t want to undertake further study and felt that I was no longer a specialist in any field. Hundreds of job applications were made, mostly online and I didn’t receive a response to c95% of these.  I also did a lot of work on LinkedIn to try to source a job in financial services

Of the recruitment firms that I did speak with, I felt that they put me on the back burner and never followed up. The responses I kept getting focussed on what I couldn’t do, rather than the qualities that I have.

The solution

At my lowest ebb, I spoke with an ex-colleague who is a Chartered Financial Planner. He suggested that I should talk with Adrian Watson from Premier Jobs UK

What was refreshing about Adrian is that he would focus on my experience; qualities and aspects that I could bring to new employers and modified his search accordingly.  He would always stay in contact even if there wasn’t any development just to keep me constantly informed

Adrian was also very knowledgeable about the financial services jobs he introduced to me rather than selling false promises as many other recruiters had.

Before speaking to Adrian, my recruitment experience had been demoralising.  Every conversation I had with recruiters felt that there was a brick wall down every avenue explored.  It brought financial and personal challenges which affected my confidence and belief that I would ever find suitable work.

The outcome

Through his detailed knowledge and understanding of me, Adrian was able to point me in a new direction as an Equity Release Advisor – which I had never considered before.  This uses all of my experience and continues to give me great work satisfaction.

I noticed that whenever I spoke with Adrian my attitude would change – I would feel uplifted, energised and positive about my career search.

Adrian was able to give precise detail about the job as an Equity Release Advisor; he provided me with support to research details about the company and also gave me past exam papers to help me through my professional studies required to take up the job offer he sourced for me.

Throughout the process of working with Adrian, I felt that he was on my side; had my interests at heart; truly listened to me and had a genuine interest in helping.  He was always available and kept me constantly informed.

2.5 years later…

I am doing incredibly well; exceeding my targets; earning good bonus and loving what I do.  Adrian continues to stay in touch, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him and Premier Jobs UK to fellow professionals