Interview with Bob Cunningham

Interview with Bob Cunningham

What was your dream job growing up?

  • “I didn’t have a dream job growing up; I was keen to be taller which sadly didn’t happen”.
  • “At my Grammar School it was expected that we all went to University; which I did as I studied Economics and Economic History at Aberdeen University.
  • “I firmly believe the current apprenticeship system is really good, as young people can learn on the job and not find themselves, as I did, at 22 having a degree and no work experience”

What was your first job in recruitment and how did you get into it?

  • “I became a Financial Adviser shortly after graduation and within 3 years I was a Manager, with Recruitment being a part of my role. Therefore, I am able to successfully put myself in the shoes of the client when helping them with financial services recruitment”

What do you enjoy most about recruitment?

  • “Helping people find their dream jobs. I often ask candidates to ‘tell me what your dream job would be’ and then make it my goal to find that role or as close to it as possible” 

What would you consider to be the highlight of your career?

  • “Setting up my own Financial Advisory business; and developing it into a very successful operation”

How do you feel candidates benefit from working with Premier Jobs UK?

  • “There are multiple benefits for candidates; for example, many of our Recruitment Consultants have years’ of experience, not only in Recruitment, but also in Financial Services. A number of the team, including myself, have been Financial Advisers; meaning we know what the job is and what’s it’s like, so we can really put ourselves in candidate’s shoes” 
  • “The Consultants always carry out an initial fact-find to ascertain exactly what candidates want, and thereafter research the most appropriate role(s) for them”

How do you feel clients benefit from working with Premier Jobs UK?

  • “I feel clients also benefit in multiple ways. Going back to the last question, as our Recruitment Consultants have years of experience, Premier Jobs UK knows the financial services market very well”
  • “Premier Jobs UK has a second to none reputation within Financial Services; with many Clients and Candidates recognising the distinctive chess piece on our marketing and advertising materials”

What is your proudest moment in recruitment? 

  • “There are none that really stand out, there isn’t that one placement which is a highlight.  Everyone is a highlight. I always treat each candidate exactly the same; and provide the same level of support throughout their recruitment journey”

What is your signature dish?

  • “Fish. Normally hake which my fishmonger assures me is very sustainable. It’s so simple; baked in foil with lemon and herbs, lime juice, some garlic, 10 minutes and job done!”

What is your go to song on the karaoke machine?

  • “None as of yet, have never tried karaoke! I do enjoy going to see live music though.  I have seen many of the ‘big’ bands, such as The Rolling Stones and The Who

Do you have any tips to say focused?

  • “Having been an Adviser for many years, in the not so recent past; the main tip I would have is always listen to the client, they generally know what they want. In a similar vein ascertain their long term objectives, not in terms of money, but, for example, dream holidays; and show them how they can achieve this”
  • “Listen to what the client and candidate want; and set out a plan on how you will achieve that”