Interview Guide for Financial Advisers

Interview Guide for Financial Advisers


In this interview guide for Financial Advisers, we will outline what to expect during the interview and how to prepare to give yourself the best opportunity for success!

What is a Financial Adviser and what do they do? Financial Advisers help people with their finances to plan for current and future goals. Whether to maintain or expand their wealth, a Financial Adviser will consider the individual circumstances of their client and align their financial goals accordingly.

Financial Adviser interviews are commonly competency-based interviews which seek to determine a candidate’s level of ability in key areas of the role.

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Research the Company

When preparing for an interview, it is essential that you thoroughly research the company you are looking to work for. The company is looking to invest in an individual who is enthusiastic and dedicated. Being well informed on the business demonstrates a sincere interest in the company and role which is very attractive to interviewers. It can also help you think of good questions to ask at the end of the interview.

We recommend taking an in depth look at the company’s website. Usually, business websites will have an ‘about us’ section that can provide information on the services they provide, their values, history, and goals. A company’s website may also feature the other businesses or networks they are associated with, as well as any awards or certifications they may have been awarded.

Ensure you also research any social media accounts the company may have. This can include accounts on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. Social media can be a great research tool to learn more about the culture of the business and the services they provide to their clients.

Dress the Part

Wearing the right clothes to an interview can boost your confidence and make a good first impression to the interviewer. Although your credentials and experience will form the base of the interview, dressing well can display a level of professionalism which likely will support your performance.

As a general rule, it is better to overdress than underdress when attending an interview. Smart clothes can demonstrate a level of respect for the business and can increase the likelihood of the company considering you as a serious candidate. You could consider researching the company’s dress code however we recommend still aiming for a more formal outfit. For example, if the company dress code is casual, an appropriate outfit might be dark jeans or trousers, a smart top such as a blouse or shirt, and smart shoes.

Looking for some more tips on appropriate interview outfits? Take a read of this article for more outfit suggestions and detailed information on appearing professional.

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Interview Preparation

Financial Adviser interviewers are often competency-based interviews. Interviewers will ask questions that seek to identify your key skills, behaviours, knowledge, and abilities to determine how suited you are for the role. There will often be a key focus on your prior experiences and behaviours, as well as any soft skills you have that are relevant and transferrable. Questions you might be asked in a Financial Adviser interview include:

  • What motivates you?
  • How do you communicate with your clients?
  • How do you stay current on industry developments?
  • What would you do if a client asked you an unethical question?
  • How do you develop investment strategies?
  • How do you support clients in achieving their financial goals?

For more examples of possible interview questions, take a look at this post, or read this one to learn what interviewers might be listening for. 

To prepare, we recommend reading through the role description and identifying the key competencies. For Financial Advisers, the key competencies often include skills such as:

  • Strong people skills
  • Good communication
  • Detail oriented
  • Decisive
  • Able to influence others

Try to think of specific scenarios or examples where you demonstrated these competencies in a practical setting. These could be from previous roles, education, or even personal experiences. You are aiming to display your strengths and provide evidence of where you have utilised them. Consider using the STAR method to help plan your answers:

Situation: The scenario in which you demonstrated a key skill or competency 

Task: The task you undertook

Action: What actions you made

Result: What was the outcome of your actions and what the experience taught you

To learn more about the STAR method and see examples of how it is used, visit this article.

We also have a comprehensive competency-based interview guide on our website that offers detailed support and advice from our team of experts here at Premier Jobs UK!

Questions to Ask

Asking questions about the role and company further emphasises your interest and dedication to the interviewer. It is also an opportunity to gather more detailed information about your potential new employer. Your research into the company may reveal things regarding the business that you are eager to learn more about. This could include questions concerning the company’s history, practices, awards, or other relevant businesses such as networks. You could also ask questions about the culture of the company or what a typical day in the business might look like.

It is important to ask any questions you might have about the role you have applied for. You should leave the interview feeling informed and confident about what would be expected of you should you be offered the position. Consider asking questions such as the level of business you may be expected to write, or even more long-term questions like what opportunities there may be to develop in your career.


Job interviews are an opportunity for you to demonstrate your strengths and provide evidence that supports your application for the role. Following our advice and preparing to the best of your abilities will ensure you give yourself the best chance to succeed!

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