How to identify and rectify unhappiness in your Financial Services role

How to identify and rectify unhappiness in your Financial Services role

Increasingly, people are recognising they are unhappy at work and sometimes are unsure of how to solve their unhappiness. Hopefully, this blog will help give more clarity to those looking to make changes.

Unhappy at work?

If yes, a good first step can be to ask yourself what are the reasons are making you unhappy?:

  • Your specific role and responsibilities?
  • Company culture?
  • Lack of progression?
  • Feel undervalued?
  • False promises?
  • Lack of Job security?
  • Long Commute?
  • Internal / external changes?

Can the issue change?

After identifying what the issue is, can your current job change or adapt to rectify this? Are you able to come to a solution and get back to enjoying your role? Have you spoken to your manager to discuss your concerns? If you’ve tried these but it still isn’t working, then it’s time for a change

Unhappy at work

What to do when you are unhappy at work

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A fresh new challenge to get stuck into can make a real difference on your job satisfaction and help you get that hunger back.

Our team of Financial Services industry experienced, Regional Recruitment Consultants cover all parts of the UK. Together with our head office team, we ensure your needs are handled by a professional that knows the needs of both business and individual, ensuring the right candidates are put forward for the right positions. We won’t shoehorn you into a position which isn’t what you’re looking for, we take pride in acting with full integrity that we have made a positive difference in your life by helping you get your dream role.

Key takeaways

It is common to feel unhappiness in your role, what is key, is knowing how to work on your unhappiness and make real efforts to transition your career into something you are happy with. This could mean there is something you can currently do to change your role such as having a conversation with a manager to rectify an issue or problem you are having. If not, it may well be time to look elsewhere for a new role.

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