How to generate more leads as a Mortgage Advisor

How to generate more leads as a Mortgage Advisor

Generating more leads as a Mortgage Advisor

Leads as a Mortgage Advisor can be hard to come by. Often, they rely on referrals and repeat business from existing clients to source new business. Generating new clients can be tricky but it is essential if you want a successful career in the industry. In this blog, we will discuss the methods you can use to generate more leads as a Mortgage Advisor.

Utilise Social Media

Social media is becoming one of the most valuable marketing tools due to its huge user base.

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It’s straightforward to use and can make a massive difference when trying to generate leads as a Mortgage Advisor. The content you publish doesn’t have to be complex either, sharing photos and short video clips that promote your services can be a good way to start. There are lots of guides and free resources online that specialise in Mortage Advisor leads, such as:

LinkedIn is especially useful as it was made with businesses in mind but Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can all be used to advertise your company and reach potential clients. However, it is worth noting that caution should be taken when approaching social media and you can’t just post whatever you want! As Mortgage Advisors operate in a regulated industry, when posting on social media it is important to be conscious of financial promotions guidelines rules. The FCA say regarding this “All financial promotions must be fair, clear and not misleading (COBS 4.2.1 R). This means that you must not approve the content of a financial promotion for communication by an unauthorised person, unless you are satisfied that the promotion is fair, clear and not misleading.” So make sure you are remaining compliant when posting online!

Find a new job with more mortgage leads

As you will surely know, one of the best ways of generating new business is through referrals. When a Mortgage Advisor does a good job for a client, that will be forever etched into their memory leading to a compounding effect with current clients referring you to their friends and so on. Perhaps the most effective way to speak with a brand new set of people and as a result generate more leads is to find a new job. A new firm can allow you to have access to a whole new client base in conjunction with your previous and current clients!

Here at Premier Jobs UK, we have dozens of Mortgage Advisor jobs dotted across the UK that could be exactly what you have been looking for and could take your career to the next level. Anyone from our professional and friendly team would be more than happy to have a free, no pressure chat with you about your next career move.

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Use SEO methods to improve your website

This point is relevant if you have the ability to own your own website for your Mortgage Advice business. SEO stands for search engine optimisation. Content created with SEO in mind will be designed to rank higher on search engines. This creates more traffic flow to your website leading more people to find out about your services. You can conduct your own keyword research or you can use one of the many businesses that will research effective keywords and search terms for you. You can also use different websites and services to find out about any frequently asked questions that you could make content intended on answering. Some top articles on this topic:

Some specialist companies that can help with this are:

Purchase mortgage leads

There are companies that allow you to purchase leads from them. However, this can be incredibly expensive and should be thoroughly researched and we advise to only work with companies that have positive reviews. See below for

Some companies you can purchase leads through will not be selling quality leads so it’s important to read any customer reviews and do as much research as possible. The positives of purchasing leads though are that it instantly gives you access to a whole new client base and if those leads are successful then the money earned should be worth the money spent and will provide you with a positive ROI.

Go to networking events

One of the best ways to find new leads in and around your local area is to go to networking events. These events are good opportunities to hand out business cards and start to make connections and build relationships with people. There are also finance and mortgage networks that Mortgage Advisors can join which can help acquire leads. These networks can also have other benefits such as further training to help you to continue to grow and improve. Often they will also have admin support services which could be beneficial to you and your career.

Organisations such as the British Chambers of Commerce and BNI UK can be a more direct way of connecting with potential clients whereas “Mortgage Advisor events” often connect you with people currently in or around the industry itself.

When at these events it’s important to know how to successfully network, some tips provided by Forbes include:

  • Ask great questions
  • Treat people like friends
  • Take notes
  • Set reasonable expectations
  • Be yourself
  • Treat connecting like a puzzle
  • Ask yourself why they should care
  • Be engaged

Some more tips from us would be:

  • Be confident
  • Break the ice
  • Know your elevator pitch
  • Stay in touch post event
  • Have fun!


To conclude, there are numerous solutions for Mortgage Advisors who feel as though they’ve hit a wall when it comes to acquiring new leads. Just to recap the 5 ways identified in this blog:

  1. Utilise social media.
  2. Find a new job with more mortgage leads.
  3. Use SEO methods.
  4. Purchase mortgage leads.
  5. Go to networking events.

If you are currently looking for a new role, we have a number of different Mortgage Advisor job roles that may appeal to you. Contact us now to have a free conversation with one of our many committed team members about your next career move.

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