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How to find a new job
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2020 was a strange year, that offered many lessons to learn from. For many people these lessons covered not just their careers, but wider life.

Many people had perceptions of their career being safe and secure, only to be furloughed or unexpectedly be made redundant. This is a trend we saw here at Premier Jobs UK. With numerous candidates contacting us, as a result of the tough decisions having to be made by their employers.

If you were in the position of being made redundant, check our video on redundancy.

Another lesson 2020 taught us, was the value of time with family. As a result, we saw individuals changing their attitudes towards home working and flexible working. With an increasing demand for these types of working. For many Financial Advisors and Mortgage Advisors, this meant taking the leap of faith to go self-employed.

Some people may find the job search a daunting task especially after years in the same role or company. Therefore are unsure where to look.

One obvious way to look for a new job is through job boards, sites like Total JobsReed and CV Library are all great sites to look for vacancies and you can sort vacancies by location, salary and entry requirements to fit your career needs. Some employers will advertise vacancies themselves through their own websites, so make sure you use other methods on your job hunt!

However, there are other downsides to exclusively using job boards. The main drawback being the lack of response to job applications. Unfortunately, around 15% of job applicants never even get a response for their application and a massive 48% of respondents said that waiting to hear back from employers is “highly frustrating”.

Another fantastic way to look for jobs is through recruitment agencies who work “with companies to find appropriate people for their vacancies, and work with candidates to find them a suitable position”. It is often that companies looking to hire will outsource their recruitment needs to a specialist, meaning their vacancies can only be accessed through a recruiter.

A common misconception that some people say is that “Recruiters find people for jobs and not jobs for people” however this is not the case. The process starts by focusing on understanding your specific wants and needs. From taking time to understand your situation, the specialist Recruitment Consultant will be in a prime position to identify roles in your area that match your prerequisites. At Premier Jobs UK, we will never submit your details to any company without your consent. If you are interested in discussing potential roles in your area that match your preferences please feel free to get in touch:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 0208 0044 154


Finally, another way to look for new opportunities is by reaching out to your network both in person and on your social networking sites. This can be a valuable process as they may have insider knowledge or access to their own network which could bring out unique opportunities. However, this can be hit and miss, and quite time consuming.

To conclude, it could be easier than you think to search for a new job, although a seemingly daunting task with all the modern ways of exploring job opportunities it is easier than ever to find your perfect role.