How to generate more leads for Equity Release Advisers

How to generate more leads for Equity Release Advisers

Generating more Leads as an Equity Release Adviser

Lead generation is one of the key duties of an Equity Release Adviser to maintain a steady flow of enquiries, however it can be difficult to know what methods to use. In this blog, we will discuss effective lead generation techniques and suggest resources you can use to generate more viable leads as an Equity Release Adviser.

Social Media for Equity release Leads

Equity Release Leads

Social media is an invaluable marketing tool for generating leads. It offers the opportunity for you to engage with prospective clients and raise awareness of the services you provide. Although social media can seem intimidating, most platforms are straightforward to use and the content you post doesn’t need to be complicated – often simple posts can be extremely successful, provided the content is unique and engaging.

Not sure where to start with making content? There are plenty of free resources online to support you. Take a look at these social media guides below:

Platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook can be good options to get started. LinkedIn is a social media platform that was designed with businesses in mind and is a great platform to find viable leads. Facebook has a broad demographic which can provide you with the opportunity to reach potential clients. It also offers the ability to schedule your content which can save time and enable consistent posting to keep your audience engaged.

As Financial Services is a regulated industry, you must keep in mind the financial promotions’ guidelines set by the FCA when posting to social media. Promotional material must be fair and clear, and any claims made must be genuine, viable, and reasonable. We recommend reading through the rules on the FCA website to ensure you remain compliant when attracting leads through social media.

SEO Generation

If you have your own website as an Equity Release Adviser, you could consider utilising Search Engine Optimisation techniques to make you website more visible on search engines like Google. A good way to maximise your Search Engine Optimisation is to research what keywords are used by prospective clients when searching for Equity Release Advisers, and then include these words in your website content.

You could personally research effective keywords to use, or you could use a business that conducts research into search terms on your behalf. Here are some suggestions of companies you could use:

Another tip for maximising your Search Engine Optimisation is to ensure your website is working smoothly by checking or updating it frequently. Slow loading or poorly made websites are difficult for search engines to read and therefore can rank lower on search result pages. It can also be beneficial to update your website content regularly to boost SEO as search engines like Google aim to provide their users with fresh, unique content. This doesn’t need to be complicated and can be as simple as uploading a new blog post or linking social media content!

Networking for Equity Release Leads

Networking is an excellent way to generate new leads. Attending networking events offers you the opportunity to increase awareness of your business, make connections with other industry professionals, and build relationships that could result in viable leads. You could attend Equity Release specific events, such as the Equity Release Summit, or there are many financial events that could be of benefit to you as well.

Another option is to join financial organisations like the British Chambers of Commerce or BNI UK. Organisations like these can connect you to a network of people in and around the industry and can create opportunities to develop new leads. You could also consider joining specific organisations like the Equity Release Council, who support Equity Release Advisers by offering professional development opportunities and matching Advisers with potential clients.

Looking for a New Job

Providing your clients with a positive experience encourages them to recommend your services to people they know who need an Equity Release Adviser. Aiming to expand your client base as much as possible is a wise practice as it increases the likelihood being referred, thus generating a stream of promising leads.

Looking for a new job can offer you to a fresh client bank which will add to your client connections. Premier Jobs UK has a range of Equity Release Adviser roles currently recruiting that could boost your career and expose you to a range of new clients.

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Purchasing Leads

There is the option to purchase leads from a lead generation company. This can be a quick and easy way to find new potential clients, however you must ensure the company you use is credible and well rated. Some lead generation companies will offer you leads that are not good quality or particularly viable, therefore we suggest you research the business before soliciting them and only use companies that are recommended by reputable sources.

This blog post details how lead generation companies work and how to choose a company to work with, as well as suggesting a few options for generating Equity Release leads:


Lead generation can be challenging for an Equity Release Adviser, however there is a variety of effective marketing techniques available. The five solutions outlined in this blog are excellent options that will surely help you to attract new clients.

If you are seeking new opportunities as an Equity Release Adviser, we have a number of appealing roles currently recruiting. Explore our current vacancies or contact us now to discuss the next step in your career.

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