Frequently Asked CeMAP Questions

Frequently Asked CeMAP Questions

In this blog, we will cover some frequently asked CeMAP questions.

We will be taking questions that our candidates ask us directly, ones from Google and then also old comments from our YouTube channel.

Commonly asked CeMAP questions

Q) Which CeMAP exam is the hardest?

A) Many deem CeMAP 1 to be the hardest module. Even Beacon Financial Training, one of the many recognised Accredited Learning Support Providers (ALSP) says that, in regard to CeMAP 1 “By doing CeMAP 1 first, you will have done the hardest part for most people and many people find CeMAP 2 & 3 relatively easy after CeMAP 1.”

In a recent study of candidates who have recently passed CeMAP, 50% of respondents answered, CeMAP 1 being the hardest exam.

Q) Which CeMAP exam is the easiest?

A) As just mentioned, many people will find CeMAP 2 and 3 the same in terms of difficulty after CeMAP 1.

Q) Do you have to take CeMAP in order?

A) No, you don’t but it is recommended that you do.

Q) What ALSP should I go with?

A) Although we can’t recommend an ALSP we would urge you to research the pros and cons of each company to decide which one would personally suit you.

Now to cover some questions from Google:

These are questions from the “People also ask section” on Google which are the most frequently asked questions:

Q) Is CeMAP equivalent to a degree?

A) No, CeMAP is a Level 3 qualification which is equivalent to a A-level or National Diploma.

Q) Is CeMAP a good qualification?

A) Many see it as the go-to qualification for Mortgage Advisors. But it depends – only if you want to become a Mortgage Advisor!

Q) Can I use CeMAP after my name?

A) Yes, after you have qualified.

Q) How hard is the CeMAP exam?

A) There are 3 CeMAP modules each with a pass mark of around 70% you should be able to manage if you revise effectively. Typically, individuals who work in the mortgage industry will find the exams easier than those new to mortgages, as they can draw on experience from their day-to-day job.

Q) How much does a CeMAP exam cost?

A) Each module costs £190, your exam fees are included in the price

Q) Does CeMAP expire?

A) No

Q) What can I study after CeMAP?

A) Although you don’t have to study for it, the next step will be to achieve CAS and the CeMAP Diploma if you desire

Q) Who regulates CeMAP?

A) The London Institute of Banking & Finance

Q) How old do you have to be to do CeMAP?

A) 17

Now the questions we have covered over on our YouTube channel

Q) Can you take CeMAP outside of the UK?

A) Yes you can take it in any Pearson Vue test centre around the world, this was clarified by the LIBF:

Q) Which CeMAP crash course should I choose? Do you think a 5 day crash course will be enough to pass CeMAP?

A) A crash course can help speed up the processing of obtaining CeMAP 1, as some have the exam on the final day. It will be information overload potentially, so you will need to be sure you can retain the information.

Q) Are there any revision test papers I can do to help revise for CeMAP?

A) A lot of the tips we mentioned could be carried across to the FSRE revision. Yes, you can access mock FSRE exams.

Q) Tips for passing CEMAP 1 unit 1?

A) We would recommend you reach out to any of the Accredited Learning Support Providers this is a great step to take and can help a lot of people, if you are in a position to do so.

I have also found a forum page for you that may help as it is someone that had the same problem as you studying and working at the same time:

Q) What kind of studying material does CeMAP include?

A) Study texts which are provided online and in hard copy for Modules 1 and 2. Module 3 doesn’t have a study text, but you’ll find an information booklet and a free synoptic paper on the course website.

You’ll also get access to:

  • a student-led discussion forum
  • study tip videos
  • a weekly study planner
  • a tax table
  • syllabus updates
  • online access to their student portal MyLIBF
  • online access to their virtual library KnowledgeBank
  • You will be learning on their new VLE Brightspace

Q) Do I have to only focus on topics 1 to 16 for the CeMAP 1 exam?

A) No you have to study both of the units.

Q) What parts of unit 1 and 2 will come up in CeMAP?

A) If you are referring to Module 1 & 2 they cover units 1 – 2 and 3 – 6 respectively.

Q) Will the questions in the real exam be the same as in the mock exams?

A) The questions in the mock exam are a reflection of the ones you would find in the real exam, so will be similar but unlikely the same.

Q) Is it worth buying the CeMAP Revision Tool? Can you do a mock exams without it the CeMAP Revision Tool?

A) The CeMAP Revision Tool is a great way to help your study as it can simulate what the CeMAP exam can look like whilst giving you access to the mock exams (specimen papers). So we definitely think it’s worth it if you are in a position to go ahead with it. It is worth mentioning that you don’t have to go with it.

The specimen exams can also be purchased separately, from the LIBF website at £28 for each online specimen exam: (,up%20for%20CRT.)

It may be worth checking out our latest video ‘A guide to CeMAP 1’ where we cover some of the costs associated with the qualification

Q) If you fail one CeMAP unit but pass the other – do you have to retake the whole unit?

A) Typically, the pass mark for each unit is 70%, so you must pass each unit successfully. You can resit just the unit you failed on.

Q) Do you take all CeMAP exams in one day?

A) It would be uncommon that you would take all CeMAP exams in one day. You will likely take it module by module.

Q) How many mock exams can you take using the additional study tools from LIBF?

A) We have just spoken to the LIBF for you to clarify, they said “If you order the revision tool, each module has around 300 practice questions which you can complete in a random order, these are not questions that are in the actual exams but just similar (e.g. might have different wording) and then you can do the practice exams knowledge and topic testing at the end of the practice questions” so no mock exams as such but more mock questions.

Q) Is it better to go direct with the LIBF if I am going for the home study option or other providers? Also is it worth paying for the extra mock exams and online revision tools?

A) The LIBF is a great option, but there are benefits to using their accredited providers, so which you think is best for yourself. If you are confident then you might not need the additional materials, however, if they make it easier for you to learn then don’t be afraid to use them.

Q) Should I have to do both CII or LIBF Mortgage Advice qualifications?

A) You should only need one of these qualifications to provide Mortgage Advice.

Q) Where can you find study material for CeMAP?

A) Please see the link to the ‘Additional study support’ section on the LIBF website:

Q) Could I become an independent mortgage advisor on completion of a CeMAP or would I have to work for a company?

A) We created a video on this topic

You would need to be authorised with the FCA to provide regulated advice, and this process is much more straightforward if you join a company to get your foot on the ladder

Q) Where do I start with CeMAP?

A) We have just posted a detailed blog called “The COMPLETE guide to becoming a Mortgage Advisor in 2021” that will hopefully answer all of your questions, there will be a video on the topic coming soon. The link is:

Q) Which is a good CeMAP fast track course?

A) If you are referring to getting help with CeMAP, we would advise that you stick with the Accredited Learning Support Providers that the LIBF provide. Please see the link below for more information:

I can see that Simply Academy, do have a fast track course:

Q) What are the chances of securing a job after getting CeMAP?

A) There are many variables that would affect chances of securing a Trainee role, however, obtaining CeMAP would be beneficial as it would increase your attractiveness to potential future employers. To be a Mortgage Advisor, you will need to hold CeMAP or equivalent, so getting off your own back shows the right intent.

Q) If I have done DipFA would I still need to do unit 1 of CeMAP?

A) No you don’t need to re-do FSRE if you have done it for DipFA


Once you do qualify, it is really important that you have a plan for after the qualification. We recommend you check out our dedicated page for Mortgage Advisor jobs so you can see what’s available in your area. We have a variety of roles across the UK that could be of real interest for those who have just gained their CeMAP qualification.