How James achieved flexibility, freedom and a drive to be successful in his Mortgage Advisor position

How James achieved flexibility, freedom and a drive to be successful in his Mortgage Advisor position

Made the right move – this case study explains how Premier Jobs UK helped James focus on finding the right Mortgage Advisor job for his situation

Whilst at your previous mortgage brokerage, what led you to start looking for a new position?

I had been working for my previous company for many years helping the company become stable and growing in size,. However in recent years the Managing Director of our mortgage brokerage decided to take the company in a different direction, which I felt would not give me the opportunities to achieve my personal goals, and in turn prompted me to explore different employment options away from my previous employer.

How was your recruitment experience when looking for your current Mortgage Advisor job?

Working in Financial Services and being successful in my role, Recruitment Consultants would regularly try to contact me. In the past I would just ignore them, because I wasn’t looking for a move. However, once I decided to consider my next career move, I decided to speak with 3 – 4 Recruitment Consultants who sounded credible.  I also had contacts within the mortgage industry who knew me, and wanted me to join their teams as an experienced Mortgage Broker.

Recruitment Consultants have different ways of sourcing roles for their potential candidates, and all the opportunities that were offered to me I researched, and decided whether I would like to proceed with an interview.

What challenges or obstacles did you have to overcome during the process of finding your new role?

Recruitment Consultants work in a sales industry, and some of them were just looking to get as many candidates in front of their clients as possible hoping one would be successful.

How did Premier Jobs UK assist you?

When speaking to Jason Cane from Premier Jobs UK, his approach was different from other Recruitment Consultants. He took the time to get to know me and discover ‘how I tick’ and understood my personality – as he wanted to make sure my next role I moved into I would enjoy and be successful in.

Jason and Alyson Cane were meticulous in their research into finding me the right opportunities, and helping me prepare for the interviews to ensure that I would be in the best position and be successful in every interview I attended.

This put me in a great position as I had more than one offer to choose from, and Jason helped me decide which company to go for as he knew who had a similar philosophy to me and who I would work well with.

Since joining as a Mortgage Advisor: 

I’m enjoying the move as it has given me flexibility, freedom and a great work / live balance, along with giving me the drive to be successful and be one of the top performers in my new company in such a short time.

Based on your experience, would you recommend Premier Jobs UK – if yes, any particular reasons?

I have already started recommending Jason, as he listens very careful and takes the time to find the right role for you. Dealing with Jason & Alyson they are both professional, polite, never over promise, but always try to over deliver or go the extra mile, and you feel valued as a client rather than just another number.