How long does the recruitment process take after job offer?

Typically a successful candidate can wait between 4 – 5 weeks from job offer stage to start date. Financial Services is a regulated environment and as such the referencing procedure is very thorough and will normally research previous employers over the last 5-10 years. The more employers you have had, the more references are required. In addition, you will need a personal reference to confirm periods when you were in-between jobs. Companies will undertake credit reference searches to ensure that you have managed your finances, in view that you will be advising clients around their financial affairs. There are several forms of documentation you’ll need to make available. Remember to disclose all relevant information as ‘non-disclosure’ of something that later becomes apparent during the referencing process will probably result in your application being declined under ‘Fit & Properness’. Producing these documents and having them verified early in the process will save time.