How Theo obtained his ideal Mortgage Advisor job with flexible working

Made the right move – this case study explains how Premier Jobs UK helped Theo obtain the job he wanted with a healthy balance of work and family life

Before starting in your current job as a Mortgage Advisor, what led you to start looking for a new position?

Alongside my job as a Mortgage Advisor, I was also working long physical hours within the catering industry, which was impacting on my family life. I wanted to have more flexibility to spend time with my kids and not miss out on important family events.

How was your recruitment experience when looking for your current job?

Going into my search for my next Mortgage Advisor position, I found it quite stressful and did not know which platform to use. I didn’t have prior connections with any financial services firms, so did not go direct. Eventually I choose to apply for a job advertised online through a recruiter – Premier Jobs UK. My application was passed to one of their Recruitment Consultants – Jason Cane

The first recruiter I applied to; got me the first job I went for!  

What challenges or obstacles did you have to overcome during the process of finding your new role?

Having not had to apply for a job in over 20 years, I was unaware of the process typically involved when applying for Mortgage Advisor jobs.

How did Premier Jobs UK assist you?

From working with Jason Cane at Premier Jobs UK, I felt my needs were fully understood in what I was trying to achieve by moving financial services firms. At the start of our conversations, Jason researched a couple of different options and together we identified the most appropriate proposition.

Jason helped to construct my CV by going through my career history in detail and provided invaluable support in advising how to prepare for my interviews, which included how to create realistic goals I wanted to achieve. The support provided gave me confidence and a good grounding to go into my interview, which I am pleased to advise I got the desired position!

Since Starting as a Mortgage Advisor: 

The best decision I made.  

Within my new firm, I have full control of my work diary. This means I can prioritise family events and adapt my work schedule to suit my family life, including taking breaks when I need them. In addition, I have been able to explore new opportunities through my role, which has led to being one of the top performers in the company! 

Based on your experience, would you recommend Premier Jobs UK?

Without Jason Cane to help me prepare, focus on what I want from a role and match me to the right job, I would not be enjoying the best period of my life. 

I appreciate what you did


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