Kingsbury Green Academy Careers Fair

On 13th November 2019, Ryan Venner attended the Kingsbury Green Academy Annual Careers Fair – an excellent event, organised to provide their Year 10 – 13 students with a diverse selection of employers and education providers. The purpose of the careers fair is help assist the students with learning about the vast array of options they have for post school or sixth form.

At the careers fair, including Premier Jobs UK, there was 30 organisations, varying from: Engineering firms (including Airbus, Atkins, Babock, Balfour Beatty, Cross) the Army, Solicitors (including Bevirs Law and Goughs), Lawyers, Software Developers, Accountants, Nationwide Building Society, the NHS, Wiltshire Council, Universities (including Bimm Institute, Cardiff Uni, University of Portsmouth) and local Colleges.

As Premier Jobs UK are advocates of apprenticeships for individuals, Ryan took the opportunity to attend the all-day event to promote recruitment as a future career option. Many conversations were held with the students which enabled them to learn more information on how recruitment can be a fulfilling job; the daily challenges and responsibilities involved and the excellent career prospects offered.

Following the event, students provided their feedback:

I got information on different organisations and what they look for, which helps me to work on these and do better at them

It made me aware of the many different ways to get the job role I would like

It gave me more ideas on where I could go post-16/18

It showed me that I can achieve my aspirations, whether I achieve the top grades or not.

It has opened my mind to different career options

If you are considering your options post school or sixth form, visit our join our team page to see more details!