Interview with David Fletcher

What was your dream job growing up?

“I wanted to be an F1 mechanic! I started doing mechanics when I was about 4 when I used to fiddle about with my bike. The guy next door was an Engineer and was always taking his car to bits and I was fascinated by it, so it just carried on from there. From push bikes onto motor bikes where I would restore rusty bikes and give them a coat of paint and sell them on for extra pocket money. Buy them for a fiver and sell them for twenty quid. Then got into cars where I was doing the same sort of thing”.

What was your first job in recruitment and how did you get into it?

“Prior to recruitment, I was working for Barclays where I was managing a team of Financial Advisers in the South West. Due to frequent restructuring, I didn’t think the model was going to last so I wanted to do something different. At the time, recruitment was quite a big part of my job, so I started talking to a guy in Taunton who said why not join us. So, I did. They recruited in Financial Services and 90% of what they were doing was recruiting into banks”.

What do you enjoy most about recruitment?

“I get satisfaction from helping place people who would struggle to get a job elsewhere. I see it as a help function more than anything to enable them to discover their full career potential”.

What would you consider to be the highlight of your career? 

“I wouldn’t say I have any particular highlights. However, I have had some fun things happen over the years. I had two candidates called King once and I sent the wrong one for interview and he got the job. So that was a bit of a cracker. The manager phoned me up and said that candidate you sent me had no resemblance to his CV.

Also, I placed a couple of friends who used to work in the banks which is always a nice thing to be able to do.

Completed a 4 year distance learning MBA course through Henley Management College. At this time I was working as a Regional Compliance Adviser, in order to complete the course time management was crucial. The graduation ceremony was a proud moment in Henley on Thames!”

How do you feel candidates benefit from working with Premier Jobs UK?

“I believe they get a very high level of service and a good selection of roles. As a company we don’t shoehorn people into roles that aren’t going to last. We look at the long term rather than a short-term fix because, you can recommend as much as you want but if it’s not going to last then we’re not interested”.

How do you feel clients benefit from working with Premier Jobs UK?

“I feel clients receive a very professional service and I think the information we have gathered, and produce is very beneficial. We take the time to understand the type of candidate that they would be interested in considering”.

If your colleagues were to describe you in 3 words, what would they say?

Very professional Recruiter.

What is your signature dish?

“Normally what my grandson likes which is pasta with tuna and cheese. He won’t eat anybody else’s but mine. The secret ingredient is probably some tomato sauce”.

What is your go to song on the karaoke machine?

“You probably wouldn’t get me near a karaoke machine, but it would be Rolling Stones Jumping Jack Flash”.

Do you have tips to stay focused?

“I have regular breaks, so I tend to work in bursts. I usually do 2-3 hours at a time and then take the dogs out then another couple of hours and then do something different. It means you give your eyes a rest and helps you to focus on different things and gives you different ideas”.