How to make a good first impression

It takes just a quick glance for someone to evaluate you when you meet for the first time. In this short time, the other person may form an opinion about you based on your appearance, your body language, your demeanour, your mannerisms, and how you are dressed. First impressions are vital when building relationships. They go a long way and can be difficult to overturn if you get off on the wrong foot. Therefore, within this blog, we are covering some useful pointers to help you get off to the best possible start and position yourself on the front foot right from the get-go.

Premier Jobs UK - Make a good first impression

The first contact you are likely to have with a potential new employer will be via your CV. Therefore, you want this to reflect your attributes as best as possible. For that reason, it is important that your CV is as accurate as possible. This includes ensuring spelling and grammar are correct along with factual information such as dates of employment and there are no overlaps which don’t add up as this can catch you out later down the line and could reflect badly on your attention to detail. For more detail on how to write a good CV, check out our previous blog

Dress appropriately! First impressions are crucial with anyone new you meet, especially a prospective employer so be sure to polish your shoes and straighten your tie (so to speak) and make sure your attire is appropriate for the role you are applying for.

Premier Jobs UK - Arrive on time

Being punctual and on time to an interview is a must. Being late can create the worst impression however when this happens due to factors outside your control, all is not lost at this point. Like the saying goes, “better late than never”. So, if for some reason this happens it is important to compose yourself. Let the person conducting the interview know prior to your meeting, with as much as notice as possible, so they can adapt their work schedule. Make sure they know your apology is sincere but don’t waffle on with excuses. By flooding them with excuses it will only keep the conversation negative, so it is important to address it and move on as quickly as possible.

On the flip side of that, arriving too early can also be an issue as this may disrupt the interviewers schedule which is often very busy. It is recommended you arrive at the venue 10 – 15 minutes early, so they can see you have arrived and shows you are keen.

Premier Jobs UK - private social media

Another thing which is equally as important in this day and age is social media. Employers are often intrigued to find out a bit more about the individual ahead of the interview so could run your name through a public internet search again which could bring up your social media platforms. Therefore, it is important that your social media pages don’t include anything which is going to be off putting to a potential new employer. If you are worried that your pages might have some old posts that you wouldn’t want them stumbling across then it is worth considering switching your profile to private.

Yes, making a good first impression does mean you need to “fit in” to some degree. But it doesn’t mean losing yourself or pretending to be someone you are not. The best way to create a good impression is by being yourself. Doing this will make you feel more confident, help you to build trust, and earn the respect and integrity from the people who could become your potential new employer. Also, by trying to be someone / something you are not, it will likely result in you being caught out.

As important as it is to say your piece, it is also equally as important to listen to the individual interviewing you. It is very easy to talk over someone especially when you are nervous, so make sure you listen to what they have to say and respond appropriately. Try and remain professional and articulate your points clearly. Avoid slang when speaking as this can seem unprofessional and won’t go in your favour.

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