A guide to CeMAP


After the year we had in 2020 many people may want to transition into a more secure industry such as Financial Services. A very popular job role in this industry is that of a Mortgage Advisor. To become a Mortgage Advisor you have to undertake the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) to be able to provide advice.

  1. What is CeMAP?

    The Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) is the industry-standard qualification for Mortgage Advisor’s and is awarded by the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF)

  2. Why do you need CeMAP?

    Simply Academy, an Accredited Learning Support Provider for the qualification state “In order to offer professional mortgage advice, you must hold a qualification that is recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).” With CeMAP being the most widely held.

  3. What are the benefits of CeMAP?

    CeMAP can be the start of a lucrative career as a Mortgage Advisor; the job board reed stated that the average Mortgage Advisor earnings was around £50,000
    As an experienced Mortgage Advisor you can start to build up your own bank of clients and as such build up your own pipeline of business
    Many Mortgage Advisor roles have uncapped earnings. Plus, you could have the option to become a self-employed Mortgage Advisor which typically will provide the added benefit of flexible working
    Being a Mortgage Advisor is a fulfilling career whereby you can make a real impact on people’s lives by allowing to get involved in the property market
    Many Trainee Mortgage Advisors need some level of CeMAP for entry level jobs

Breakdown of the units

Module 1
UNIT 1: Introduction to the Financial Services Environment & Products
60 minute objective exam, 50 multiple-choice questions

UNIT 2: UK Financial Services and Regulation 60 minute objective exam
50 multiple-choice questions

Module 2
UNIT 3: Mortgage Law, Policy, Practice & Markets
30 minute objective exam, 25 multiple-choice questions

UNIT 4: Mortgage Applications
30 minute objective exam, 25 multiple-choice questions

UNIT 5: Mortgage Payment Methods & Products
30 minute objective exam, 25 multiple-choice questions

UNIT 6: Mortgage Arrears & Post-Completion issues
30 minute objective exam, 25 multiple-choice questions

Module 3
UNIT 7: Assessment of Mortgage Advice & Knowledge
120 minute objective exam, 6 case studies with 10 multiple choice questions

(Information taken from simply academy)

How to seek help with CeMAP

Included in the qualification cost, you will have access to; online distance learning, the option to do the qualification with tutor support or without tutor support and with additional digital learning materials.

You can also seek help with CeMAP through an Accredited Learning Support Provider (ALSP) which are organisations that offer intensive training courses to go through the qualification. You can view the full list of ALSP’s below or click this link:


CeMAP is the go to qualification when looking to start a career as a Mortgage Advisor. It is important that when you pass, that you know what your next steps are and as a business, we have covered the key things like: Writing your CV for Financial Services, Finding a new job and How to transition your career which could be especially useful if you are looking to become a Mortgage Advisor. 

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