Premier Jobs UK has developed itself as one of the UK’s recognised brokers of buying and selling IFA companies and / or investment and pension client banks. We are skilled in brokering the purchase of small client banks through to negotiating multi-million-pound mergers and acquisitions. Utilising our extensive financial services experience, we are able to fully understand and overcome the intricacies and complexities faced by both buyer and seller throughout your acquisition journey.

Established in 2007, Premier Jobs UK has naturally developed close relationships with significant decision makers within respected financial services businesses across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Therefore, we are well positioned to assist Financial Advisers in accessing profitable, robust and well-respected firms who have the infrastructure to acquire IFA client banks.

We work in tandem with our subsidiary, IFA Acquisitions ( as our marketing company for the generation of enquiries of IFAs looking to buy or sell their businesses or client banks.



Building strong relationships

Premier Jobs UK will focus on listening to your needs and developing a strategy that is suitable for your situation. We will maintain close contact throughout the entire acquisition process.

Providing the best possible outcome for all parties

We will provide a sincere appraisal of both our buyers and sellers; through positively representing the needs of our sellers and their clients and how potential acquirers will meet those needs to enable high client retention post sale and thus achieving the best possible outcomes for all parties.

Matching the interests of the buyer & seller
  • Premier Jobs UK is focused on supporting both those seeking to buy or sell IFA businesses
  • Finding the perfect match between the buyer and seller remains key to our service.
  • We focus on aligning similar investment approaches, client service propositions and seamless integration processes to avoid a wrong match which can lead to frustration with dissatisfied clients and a failure of the overall sale and purchase agreement.
  • We take care to understand your requirements to ensure that a fair price is achieved for both parties, with a true business match and an excellent continuation of service provided to clients.

We understand the importance of confidentiality, as such we ensure Non-Disclosure Agreements are held with all Acquiring IFA Firms.