A guide to the Certificate in Regulated Equity Release (CeRER)

A guide to the Certificate in Regulated Equity Release (CeRER)

What is CeRER?

The Certificate in Regulated Equity Release (CeRER) is one of the go-to qualifications required to provide Equity Release advice in the UK and is provided by the London Institute of Banking & Finance also known as the LIBF.

What are Equity Release Advisors?

The Telegraph described Equity release Advisor as “[Someone who] can recommend the products that protect your estate from additional costs. They will also provide a detailed projection showing how much the plan will cost over your lifetime, so you understand the financial implications of your decision.”

What are the benefits of being an Equity Release Advisors?

  • Self-employed – Leading on from our last point, the nature of equity release means that many choose to go self-employed and set up their own business. This is a really desirable point for many as this means increased: autonomy, earning potential and stability
  • Earnings – Here at Premier Jobs UK we see that Equity Release Advisors can typically earn between £31,000 – £35,200 with a median salary of £33,100 and when additional on target earnings (OTE) are considered the average earnings range from around £46,250 up to £48,750!
  • Leads – Many companies will supply you with leads which means that you can convert and not have to worry about self-generation when working saving you time and money

CeRER requirements

In order to take CeRER you will need the CeMAP qualification, if you need guidance on CeMAP, this is something we have covered extensively on our blog and YouTube channel:

If you have already completed CeMAP or an equivalent Level 3 mortgage qualification you just need to complete two units to achieve CeRER.

What does CeRER cover?

CeRER includes two units, unit one is Fundamentals of Equity Release:

And unit two is Equity Release Solutions:

How long does CeRER take to get?

The LIBF state that the qualification takes “Six months – but you have up to 12 months from registration to complete”

What is the exam type for CeRER?

  • Unit 1 – 50 questions multiple choice exam (MCQ)
  • Unit 2 – three case studies each with 10 linked multiple-choice questions

Where do you sit CeRER?

You can choose when to take your exam and pick from test centres nationwide or through remote invigilation

You will have 12 months from when you register, to complete each module and sit the exam. Your first exam is included in the registration fee for each unit.

You can find your nearest Pearson Vue test centre HERE.

For additional information click HERE.

How much does CeRER cost?

This qualification costs £220 which also includes your study materials and exam entry.

Additionally, “If you’d like additional study support, you can buy digital specimen exam papers which reflect the live assessment. You can purchase these when you apply or later through your MyLIBF account. £28 a paper (including VAT)”

An additional cost of £160 will be incurred for an exam resit.

Study tips for CeRER?

  • Accredited Learning Support Providers – We suggest that you check out the Accredited Learning Support Providers that are suggested by the LIBF as these are great ways to get started and support with the course
  • Break down each exam and unit – Unit one exam comprises of 50 MCQs so for this it makes sense to use revision techniques which allows you to absorb as much of the information as possible. Whereas unit two is similar in that you will have to answer MCQs but with an extra layer of context, therefore it would make sense to use any practice questions you can find that would help you understand the structure and style of the question
  • Take your time – You are in control with this qualification, there is no end or completion date and you decide at what pace you study and when you take the exams. So take as long or as little as you need! Remember, if you don’t pass there is a £160 exam re-sit fee so make sure you take the exam when you are confident.

CeRER benefits

The benefits of CeRER include:

  • Take the exams when and where you want to
  • Choose from different Accredited Learning Support Providers
  • Become an Equity Release Advisor!


CeRER is one of the go-to qualifications when looking to start a career as an Equity Release Advisor. When you pass, make sure you know what your next steps are. As a business, we have covered the key things like Writing your CV for financial servicesFinding a new job and How to transition your career which could be especially useful if you are becoming an Equity Release Advisor for the first time.  

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