A Guide to the CeMAP Diploma

A Guide to the CeMAP Diploma

The CeMAP Diploma is a level 4, FCA-recognised mortgage qualification that can help showcase an individual’s extensive understanding of the mortgage sector and the implications that proceed it. This is especially relevant due to the precarious state of the pound and the economic instability faced currently. Having a CeMAP Diploma can really set a Mortgage Advisor apart from others as it’s a step up from the standard CeMAP 

In this blog, we will provide you with a guide that covers the CeMAP Diploma and could help you decide whether it’s a qualification you want to pursue.

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What is CeMAP?

The Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) is the industry-standard qualification for Mortgage Advisors and is provided by the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF). Many businesses and Mortgage Advisors alike view CeMAP as the go-to Mortgage Advice qualification so if you are looking for a career as a Mortgage Advisor this is the place to start!

Mortgage Advisors help their clients find the best mortgage deal for purchasing their homes, for many it will be their first time so you will assist them throughout the process. You will build relationships with various clients and learn about their circumstances to provide them with the best available deal.

We have extensively covered the ins and outs of what Mortgage Advisors do and how to become a Mortgage Advisor on our blog and YouTube channel.

Before you can complete the CeMAP diploma you must complete the CeMAP which is a level 3 qualification that covers 3 modules. We have made a plethora of content on the CeMAP in the form of videos and blog content! 

The CeMAP Diploma is a Level 4 qualification and if you already have CeMAP it is just an extra module.

The CeMAP Diploma is a mortgage qualification that can help showcase an individual’s extensive understanding of the mortgage sector and the implications that proceed it. Especially relevant due to the crash of the pound and the economic instability faced currently. 

The CeMAP Diploma is a Level 4 qualification therefore if you have already taken the CeMAP or an equivalent level 3 qualification you only have to complete one module to be awarded the diploma.

The additional module covered by the CeMAP Diploma is Advanced Mortgage Advice, also known as the AMA. The AMA module covers all the necessary technical areas needed to deliver regulated mortgage advice and is split into 2 parts that you will need to complete.

If you pass both of these you’ll be awarded your CeMAP Diploma. There is an exam which is worth 50 marks. It is a multiple-choice exam similar to the other CeMAP exams. You will have 90 minutes to answer 50 questions. 

In order to pass the exam you must get 70% of the questions correct which is 35 marks in total. There is also a coursework element to the CeMAP Diploma which you must get 50% on in order to pass.

CeMAP Diploma

The syllabus for the exam covers the following topics:

  • The house-buying process
  • The mortgage market and the economic environment
  • Property details and surveys
  • Different types of borrowers and establishing suitable advice
  • Legislation and Regulation
  • Mortgage Fees and charges
  • Mortgage Lending and specialist areas
  • Arrears and non-payment of mortgages

The AMA module is very focused on the regulations and processes that come with being a Mortgage Advisor, it is very technical. Therefore, it could really help an aspiring Mortgage Advisor become better equipped for their future career.

The coursework consists of:

 A suitability report based on a pre-released fact find.

Coursework looks at applying the knowledge gained in the previous units and testing the ability to formulate the knowledge via a suitability report. This is based on a case study provided as a fact find given 12 weeks before the submission date. Students must formulate their mortgage advice recommendations via a report within the time frame and submit it online. Students must also submit a reference list if any quotes have been used. The coursework has to be around 4,000 words. This is quite a big report however, the fact find they provide you with should be very detailed which will give you lots to write about. A good course provider should guide you on how best to structure your essay and what the LIBF find impressive. Later on in this blog we will cover who the best course providers are.

Who should consider getting the CeMAP Diploma?

Anyone who is an aspiring Mortgage Advisor should consider it. Likewise, Mortgage Advisors who want to further progress and qualify. This could lead to benefits in their career and expand on their knowledge. In addition, there are not many requirements for the diploma. The only requirement is that you have already completed your CeMAP. So, you are not limited by lack of experience etc.

Why should I get a CeMAP Diploma rather than just sticking with the CeMAP?

Most Mortgage Advisors and aspiring advisors have CeMAP 1, 2 & 3 or equivalent. The CeMAP Diploma is not required to be a practising Mortgage Advisor. Subsequently, that is what makes it so valuable. Having the CeMAP Diploma could really set you apart from the masses and make you stand out to clients and employers. Above all, it will also provide you with valuable information about the technicalities of the mortgage industry. Preparing you for your career or its progression.

The more qualified you are, the more likely you are to be considered for Mortgage Advisor jobs that provide a high-paying salary or valuable leads at established firms. We have plenty of opportunities like this on our website. The CeMAP Diploma can be a really valuable qualification to have under your belt and  could seriously benefit your career. The CeMAP Diploma could lead to employers favouring you over other candidates when it comes to finding a Mortgage Advisor job. The more qualified you are the further you are likely to get when you start job hunting.

CeMAP Diploma

How long does a CeMAP Diploma take?

The average person takes 6 months to complete the CeMAP Diploma. However, if it takes you longer to feel ready to sit the exam this is completely okay as you can sit the exam up to 12 months after registering.

How much does it cost?

Registration fee

£495 – includes materials and exam entry

Exam resit fee 


Coursework resit fee 


Coursework resubmission fee 


Deferral fee

 £165 per assessment

When it comes to studying for the CeMAP Diploma we have some tips:

  1. Keep looking over the content even if you already know it: 

This this may sound excessive, but this is vital in a multiple-choice exam. You either know the content or you don’t. That is why it is so important to ensure that the information you need is engrained into your brain. You cannot lean on your literacy skills or writing style in these exams. The only way you can succeed is by knowing the content.

  1. Quiz yourself: 

Utilise the internet by finding practice questions and mock papers for yourself. Trial and error are perhaps one of the best ways to learn. Consequently, this could really help expose the gaps in your knowledge and acclimatise you with the language and question style that will likely appear on your CeMAP Diploma exam. You could also write your own questions or ask a friend too, that way you can make things like flashcards to help quiz yourself.

  1. Create a study schedule: 

Creating a schedule for yourself ensures that you are giving yourself ample studying time outside of your courses hours. This can help make sure you have the knowledge and content of the CeMAP diploma down. It will also make sure you have time to complete any mock tests or quizzes you set yourself

Studying for the coursework element, however, could require slightly different methods of study. Keeping a study schedule however, will be completely relevant here too. One of the most important ways to ace your coursework is to make sure you have a brilliant depth of knowledge. This will be achieved through revision and dedicated study time. Subsequently, having a study schedule will help you not to cram and keep on top of the work you have to do. Doing little bits at a time will help the essay feel less overwhelming and daunting.

The AV times have some good tips on how to effectively study for coursework. These include:

  1. Creating a Plan to Follow
  2. Proofread
  3. Create the Outline and Follow It

Again, the coursework element is something you could potentially practise. Now you know that you’ll be writing a report on a fact find, you could do that at home to get some experience. There are plenty on the internet that could really help you out.

The LIBF also have some of their own advice when it comes to coursework. They recommend that you do the exam first before you start doing your coursework. They also suggest that you dedicate around 3 months for it to ensure that you have enough time to produce a successful piece of work.


In conclusion, if you want to have a successful career as a Mortgage Advisor, getting your CeMAP Diploma is something you should consider. It can really set you apart from those who are just CeMAP qualified. It shows a higher level of understanding of the technicalities of the mortgage industry.

In this blog we have covered: 

  • What is CeMAP 
  • The syllabus for the exam
  • The coursework
  • Who should consider getting the CeMAP Diploma?
  • Why should I get a CeMAP diploma rather than just sticking with the CeMAP?
  • How long does a CeMAP diploma take? 
  • How much does it cost?
  • Our study tips 
  • Which coursework providers you should use

Before you qualify, it is really important that you have a plan for after the qualification. We recommend you check out our dedicated page for Mortgage Advisor jobs so you can see what’s available in your area. The CeMAP Diploma could give you the edge over other candidates when it comes to finding a Mortgage Advisor job. Above all, you are advising people on how to spend a large amount of their money. The more qualified you are the further you are likely to get when you start job hunting.

We recommend you have a free, confidential and no-pressure chat with one of our experienced Financial Services Recruitment Consultants. Here at Premier Jobs UK, we have placed plenty of Mortgage Advisors in employed and self-employed roles for a whole range of different firms. Our team will be able to talk through any options that may be available to you. Advising and supporting you throughout the recruitment process free of charge!

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