5 reasons to use a Recruiter?

5 reasons to use a Recruiter?

You may be wondering ‘should I use a recruiter or apply directly?’ or ‘what are the benefits of using a recruiter to find a job?’… well hopefully these 5 reasons to use a recruiter can help you decide.

1. Guide you through the recruitment process

Changing your job is one of the biggest things you can do! Working with a specialist recruitment consultant can alleviate much of the stress that’s associated with making the leap. Our mission as Recruiters is to get to know you and find out what excites and motivates you, give essential advice, and counsel you throughout the process; why wouldn’t you take advantage of this expertise?

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2. Utilise the Recruiters niche industry knowledge

Most recruiters fall into either of two camps, a generalist or specialist. The benefit of a specialist recruiter is they will have great knowledge and understanding of the industry. They will have a handle of your own experience and how it fits with the vacancies available.

Here at Premier Jobs UK, we are proud to be specialists in Financial Services recruitment, with many of our own consultants having worked within the industry. Also, with the majority of our clients, we will have already placed individuals into that business so we have built up trusted relationships with the hiring managers which will strengthen your application.

3. Save time using a Recruiter

Once you have decided ‘I want a new job’, what do you do next? Sit waiting for automated systems to respond…

Recruiters help speed up the entire process. As mentioned above, the trusted relationships which have been built with the hiring managers will help you get a foot in the door early. You’d be shocked at how fast things can move from your initial interest to being booked in for an interview.

4. Recruiters provide interview preparation

Interviews can be daunting no matter how many you have had. However, Recruiters are here to help and make this part of your recruitment journey as seamless as possible. They will provide you with full details of your meeting and advice on how to appropriately prepare for your interview, so you can approach it with confidence. We will be able to share our insight and experience about the company and what to expect during the interview. What questions to expect and what traits our client requires.  

5. Recruiters negotiate the best deal for you

With the successful support of your recruiter, you have reached the final stage… the offer! Working with your recruiter has helped towards this point! Getting an offer of employment is always fantastic news but we need to make sure it matches your needs. By using a Recruitment Consultant, they will act in your best interest to negotiate any sticking points for you

Is it better to use a recruiter?

Hopefully, this blog has answered the question for you… however if you are still unsure, check out our reviews on Trustpilot

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